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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bon Jovi Sued

A musician has filed a lawsuit against the band Bon Jovi accusing them of plagiarism.

Court documents state that Massachusetts-based musician Samuel Bartley Steele alleges the group copied lyrics from his 2004 song "(Man I Really) Love This Team," used as the anthem for
his hometown's baseball team, The Red Sox. He also alleges the group's front man Jon Bon Jovi heard the song while campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004, and used its lyrics to create his hit song "I Love This Town," a song later used as a promotional track for Major League Baseball.

Steele calls the rocker's composition an "unauthorized derivative
version" of his song in the federal suit adding, "As intent will be easy to prove, we are seeking the statutorily authorized amount of $100,000 per CD sold. Just under 4 million CDs have been sold to date. This totals almost $400 billion."

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