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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Funny how the Democrats aren't having this problem...

....or perhaps they have and nobody has mentioned is a list of some of the artists and the songs in question where the Republicans have been asked "Do Not Use My Song!"

1- Bruce Springsteen- "Born In The USA" - I read once that Ronald Regan didn't even know what the song was truly about.

2- Boston- " More Than A Feeling" Mike Huckabee used this one to cap off his events many times. The writer of the song Tom Scholz wrote the campaign a letter asking for the song to not be used. He believed that the use of the song showed he endorsed Huckabee when he already gave his endorsement to Barack Obama.

3- John Mellencamp- "Pink Houses" and "Our Country" Mr. Mellencamp is a Democrat. He endorsed John Edwards by giving him permission to use his songs. Days later of a "cease-and-desist" was issued. The McCain camp pulled the songs off of the playlist.

4- Orleans - "Still The One" John Hall, a co-writer on the song (also a Democratic Congressman) had sent a cease-and -desist letter twice on this song....(Bush in 2004 and more recently McCain)

5- Van Halen- "Right Now" The brothers Van Halen sent out a letter stating that there wasn't any permission nor would there have been in use of the song. Sammy Hagar stated that he thought it was ok for the use but does not necessarily endorse McCain.

6- Jackson Browne- "Running On Empty" McCain used this song for an ad against Obama's gas-related statements. Mr. Browne (a lifelong democrat) has filed a lawsuit against Sen. McCain and the Republican Party. The lawsuit is still pending at this time.

7- Heart - "Barracuda" Sarah Palin has used that track based on a high school nickname....well, Nancy Wilson sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Republican party. Mrs. Wilson feels that Sarah Palin does not represent the "views and values" of American women. At this time the song is still being used at rallies.

8- Gretchen Peters " Independence Day" This is a track recorded by Martina McBride about an abused woman. Peters has vehemently gone again the McCain/Palin campaign for using this song and taking the song out of context (especially due to the irony of Palin's beliefs).

9- Foo Fighters- "My Hero" Dave Grohl is an Obama supporter. The song is written as celebration of the common man and his potential. Dave Grohl has condemned McCain's use of the song citing how "frustrating and infuriating" that this man who speaks for Americans "would repeatedly show such little respect" for intellectual property and the creativity of these artists.

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