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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ultra 2009 Out Now.....

The latest in Ultra Records annual series, Ultra 2009, features some of the "hottest dance hits and remixes from some of the biggest DJs and Producers" from this year.

Mixed by The Riddler and Cato K, the album features tracks/treatments by September, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Basshunter, Kaskade, Deadmau5, Cascada, and many more.

While there are some big names on there....I have to ask...while, I do buy the occasional mix from many of the songs are going to be on the next mix? What I mean many of these mixes will have the same exact songs on them? Can they promise me that this mix or the remixes are more exclusive? Now that would make me buy it today....rather than waiting a little bit. Then again....Deadmau5 is on there....and he is one of my favorites right now....I am going to get his album.

For more information and to buy the 2009 mix go to Ultra Records.
For the Deadmau5 website....go (here)

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