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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Subway....Why?

I do not know who the person was who thought this one up but....this is just bad marketing.

Subway has this new campaign for their $5 subs that quite a few are finding to be racist.
As you see above we have a blingged-out Abe Lincoln....just look at you see what is wrong with this picture?

Anyhow, as one would see and hear when going to the page ....Abe speaks out the words on the page.....and you can choose to "Text A Holla!" or "Email A Holla!".....are you kidding me?

This is how it worked for one of the messages I put together....(you have to choose from the lists)

Yo, SUBWAY’S got lots of Footlongs for just $5. That's some every day V baby. Get to SUBWAY and help me lay some smack down on hunger.

As you choose from the list of poor language...Abe speaks it out to you....I wouldn't send a message like that out to how....

I want to thank Jade on Black Web 2.0 for pointing this one out....

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