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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chinese Democracy -- my thoughts.

I listened....and perhaps I should attempt to listen to it a few more times than I did.

I know what some people are going to do with this album...some will love...some will hate....some will not put thought in it and (try to) get over the fact that the original line-up is not there and that this could not have sounded like the other albums...and with that hang-up...they will most likely not try to hear this album. As someone who grew up listening to GN'R to the others --- GET OVER IT!!! THEY BROKE UP YEARS AGO....THEY GOT OVER IT!!!! .....unless you happen to be Adler...but that is another story.

The album was not bad...but for wasn't that good either. Some of it truly was painful to listen to. Some of the songs felt like Axl followed other bands into their studio sessions, waited until they threw away a song...and did the song himself. One song reminds me of Nine Inch Nails, another of Pink Floyd. another of KMFDM. I felt confused by what I was hearing.

I was disappointed...almost....but, unlike many, I was not waiting for this album to come out. I didn't think it would come out.

The music itself wasn't too bad.

The one track that stood out was (for me) "If The World" because of the music....I wonder if I could get the instrumental.

Enough about what I thought.... hear for yourself: Chinese Democracy

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