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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some Things.....

Rap group Naughty By Nature has announced that they are working on a reunion album slated for next year.... oh yeah...I can't wait...not really.

Just when many of us were hoping it (the trend) was over....Lil Jon Signs With Universal Republic He plans to release his much delayed "Crunk Rock" album early in 2009.

A thought........
That Coolio album came out right? Did anyone really buy it?

KOCH Records, in conjunction with D-Block, is to release Phantom Gangster Chronicles, Volume 1, a brand new mixtape CD/DVD project from founding Lox member Styles P. It has a release date of 11/11.

A thought.......
Now what was it that I stated sometime ago....something like....this is the time that all of the labels scramble to put out whatever hip-hop they can in hopes of making money for the fourth quarter....

"Universal Mind Control," will be released on December 9th. ***** See previous post.

Alchemist is releasing his new digital ep Nov 18th titled "The Alchemist's Cookbook". His forthcoming full length release, titled "Chemical Warfare" is due Feb 2009.

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