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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Suge Knight Suing Kanye West

Marion "Suge" Knight, former CEO of Death Row Records, was at a 2005 pre-MTV VMA party where he ended up getting shot in the right leg. He blames Kanye West for allowing a gunman to slip past security.

Knight is suing West "for all of his bullet wound-related expenses and for the damages for a loss and enjoyment of an earring." The earring in question is a 15-carat, $135,00 diamond stud he claims went missing during the incident.

TMZ has posted documents that were part of his bankruptcy filing where he included suing West.

The suit reads:
"It was reasonably foreseeable to defendants that the party would present a dangerous environment with the possibility of weapons (including firearms) being used by or against party guests given the well-known feuds that have at times pitched East Coast rap and hip-hop stars against West Coast rap and hip-hop stars, some of whom would be attending the party with their associates."

It adds:
"certain hip-hop artists who were invited to the party ... were known not to be friendly to Mr. Knight."

The man who shot Suge is unknown.

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