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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mars Bars Made Me Do It!!!

Marco Fella, of Callington, England, admitted to hitting his girlfriend in the face with a piece of rope and biting her finger a few days later when she refused to wear thong underwear instead of her "big pants," reports The Daily Mail. He told the court that his violence was caused by an addiction to Mars bars.

His defense attorney, Martin Pearce, states his client eats 10 Mars bars a day because of an addiction to sugar and he becomes aggressive when his sugar levels are low and that he has started an anger management class. "My client's temper snapped because he felt his partner was not making enough effort in the relationship but he is now deeply sorry for his actions," Pearce said.

Sentencing on two common assault charges have been adjourned for probation reports after Fella admitted to the attacks.

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