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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Man Proves Car Didn't Go As Fast As They Said It Did

Dale Lyle, of Staple Hill, England, received a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service informing him that a speed camera clocked his car going at 98mph.

He decided to contest the charge (max fine is $1,430 and six-month suspension). Magistrates in court challenged him to prove the car was unable to reach 98mph.

Lyle bought back his recently sold car and hired an independent expert to test drive the car. The test proved that the car was unable to go above 85mph.
A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said the charges had been dropped once prosecutors "came to the conclusion that there was no longer sufficient evidence to provide a prospect of a conviction."

Lyle said he paid $860 for the car and the same for the expert. "I'm really glad I fought the system and won but I think I will have trouble getting the money I spent. The whole thing has been a complete shambles and waste of money. It's shocking how hard it has been for me to prove my innocence."

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