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Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Nite Tales" with Flava Flav

Flava Flav and filmmaker Deon Taylor have reportedly signed a deal to make their BET movie, "Nite Tales", into a television series.

The original project aired on BET on Halloween and is set for a Feb 3rd release on dvd. Described as "Tales From The Crypt" meets the "Twilight Zone" and "30-minute tales of irony and twists," the show will see Flava Flav playing a similiar role as "Crypts" Cryptkeeper as he did in the movie.

The show is planned to debut on BET sometime this year. There is also plans for a movie to be made every year for Halloween. One of the films is called "Terminated," written with Thomas H. Fenton ("Saw IV"), is intended for theatrical release this year.

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