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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Things...

I wanted to start my return with a few items I wanted to share....

FEARnet has a nice interview with Celldweller. FEARnet

This guy is not that smart....A British man who received disability payments after claiming he could walk only a few yards has been found guilty of deception after completing a foot race.

This just in......
Between ages 30 and 70, a nose may lengthen and widen by as much as half an inch and the ears may be a quarter-inch longer - due to the fact that cartilage is one of the few tissues that continue to grow as we age.

Eddie Murphy = The Riddler? Why? EM/Riddler

BURNLEY, England - Philip Holden, 72, admitted in court to supplying cannabis resin to elderly customers while he was on duty. The milkman pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis resin and supplying the drug between April 1 and July 18, 2008. Milkman deals to the Elderly

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