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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Q-Tip Joins Cast of Holy Rollers...and other news

Rapper Q-Tip is set to play an Ethiopian drug dealer in "Holy Rollers" an upcoming indie film based on a true story following a young man from the Hasidic community who was caught importing and trafficking ecstasy into the United States.

Platinum selling pioneer rap group, The Fat Boys, have reunited. They are planning a comeback to music,tv,and movies. Their first track in 20 years is
"Unity", is a remix of a song originally produced by Philly MC/Producer Elijah. The concept of the song(produced by the Elijah) is bringing all different types of people together, to strive toward positive goals and change.

Among the plans for the surviving members is
a daytime childrens cartoon and a reality show in search of a new member.
Check them out on their website:
as well as their MYSPACE page.

and sadly....

Rest In Piece: Estelle Bennett
See a rare clip here: youtube

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