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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hospital Sued For Saving A Life

A hospital in Blackburn, England has paid damages for saving a man's life after he attempted suicide. The man, Michael Dexter, overdosed on drugs when the hospital apparently gave him an overdose of the antidote.

The out-of -court settlement between Dexter and Blackburn Royal Infirmary is reported to include a payment of 90,000 pound (approx 125-128,000 USD).

Dexter had been taken to the hospital after ingesting pills that he washed down with rum and coke. He says he suffered permanent damage to his right arm when the hospital emergency department administered four times the correct dose of sodium bicarbonate through a catheter. He says he is unable to work or to perform simple cooking and gardening chores.

"I know they saved my life but if you went in with a heart attack you wouldn't expect to leave with a limb you can't use," he said.


  1. It's a crazy thing. Hard to say what I'd do. Maybe I'd sue if the hospital had a habit of negligence.

  2. This one isn't as bad as the guy who got a ticket for jaywalking a few weeks ago. Doesn't sound to bad? Well, The guy was "jaywalking" only because he was running across the street to push someone out the way of getting hit by a car....& HE got hit by the car & ended up in ICU. Cops apparently thought he should get a ticket along with the pain.....



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