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Monday, March 2, 2009

Not The Same.... My Candy Rain

A big thank you to Knile....

Brian Dalyrimple, of 90s R&B group, Soul For Real, is at this time on the run with his 10-month-old-son from police in Atlanta,Ga. He is allegedly in connection with an identity theft case that involves more than 200 victims.

“One of our detectives is working on [ the case] she’s our white-collar crime specialist and she has identified 145 victims within our jurisdiction, several of them businesses, and an additional 115 victims in other jurisdictions, so you’re looking at over 260 victims right now,” said Maj. Don Woodruff with the Duluth Police Department.

Wow.... the concern of course is to find the child. Dalyrimple does not have custody of his son. It is reported that he took his son from daycare.

Duluth police have already arrested a woman, Laborah Crawford, in connection with the identity theft case. She is being held in the Gwinnett County Jail.

For those who didn't know.... R&B group, Soul For Real are best known as the 90s group of brothers (discovered by Heavy D) with their biggest hit "Candy Rain."

See video here : Candy Rain
Candy Rain Remix (c'mon...some of you know you loved it!)

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  1. :-o O my goodness, he is in alot alot alot of trouble. Thats too sad but do the crime, do the time



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