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Monday, April 20, 2009

Beware What You Buy....

A 42-year-old man had been arrested in London recently for spraying a mix of feces and urine on food, wine, and children's book in several British stores. The unemployed chemist, Sahnoun Daifallah, has been sentenced to nine years in prison after being found guilty of four counts of contaminating goods.

A court found that Daifallah carried the mix of his waste in a container of weed killer concealed in a laptop bag with a nozzle poking out of the bag. He was thus able to spray large areas, leaving a powerful stench and causing tens of thousands of pounds (dollars) worth of damage.

Daifallah's first target was The Air Balloon pub and restaurant near Cheltenham in western England around lunchtime. He next visited a bookstore in Cirencester, dousing hundreds of books — many of which were in the children's section. Two days later he struck in Quedgeley, where a customer spotted him squirting the frozen french fries at a supermarket. He then drove four miles to another supermarket, where an employee in the wine section noticed him acting suspiciously and reported an overpowering stench.

Police were able to identify Daifallah using security camera footage. When they raided his home, they found a stockpile of the substance and plans to spread it. Plastic bags containing excrement were marked with the names of cities on them.

He represented himself in court and plead guilty. He was labeled a high risk to public safety by Britain's security agencies and deportation prceedings have begun.

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  1. This individual is below contempt. How can anyone contrive such a thing. Well I'm glad they caught him. What is happening to the human mind?



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