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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Last Kiss

Jadakiss album out April 7th. The album is what I expected from Jada... pretty cohesive. Take a listen for yourself.

The Last Kiss

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  1. Yet another clown-ass emcee who caters to his labels demands, tries to go mainstream, tremendously fails, and loses his core audience and supporters. It took me an entire 6 minutes to listen to this album. The first joint is good. Every track after got skipped because of the softbatch keyboard synthy gay ass beats.

    The joint with Nas seems alright until you realize that Nas sounds like he wasn't even in the studio. His vocals were mixed way lower than Jada's.

    And then the guest spots. Are you joking? After all the complaints from the core audience about clown ass rappers who have guests laced through their albums because they can't hold it down alone, and he has guests on almost every single track?!

    After only skimming through this, I hope it really is "The Last Kiss" album ever.

    You are wack, Jadakiss, for acting like you were the best kept secret all these years who was not getting his proper chance.

    You are garbage for picking the softest most bitch like beats possible when you have Primo and Alchemist willing to work with you on a whim.

    And lastly, you suck for wasting my time when I could have been working on my own damn music. This album is ass and I hope it doesn't even sell 100k. You don't even deserve that.



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