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Monday, June 1, 2009

Conversation Piece : Jimi

James "Tappy" Wright, a former roadie for Jimi Hendrix is claiming in a new book that his manager, Michael Jeffery, murdered him.

The official story has always been that Hendrix, at the age of 27, chocked on his own vomit while sleeping.

Now, Wright is claiming in his book that Jeffery admitted while drunk that he killed Hendrix in an insurance scam a year after his death. He claims that Jeffery feared that his client was moving on to a new manager when their deal ended in December 1970. (Hendrix died September 1970) Wright goes on to say that Jeffery went to the Samarkand Hotel in West London and stuffed Hendrix full of pills and wine.

Wright also states that Jeffery had also taken out a life insurance policy on Hendrix in the amount of $2million with himself as the beneficiary.

Hendrix was found by ambulance personnel in the room of Monika Dannemann, a woman he only knew for a few days. He was found alone, in his clothes, on his back with a gas fire burning and the door wide open.

There is no record of who made the call for help.


Now, here is my question... Jeffery died in a plane crash two years after he was to have "confessed." Why in that time span from confession to death didn't this guy, Wright, let the cops in on this?

This book that "Tappy" Wright has written , "Rock Roadie", is to recall his life and times with various acts during the Sixties. Was this just some made up story to get the book published?

Why write a book now? Also, aren't most of the people who were around then dead?

This reminds me of the story of how Jim Morrison did not just die in his bathtub in France but died in a bathroom stall in a French club.

And Courtney had Kurt killed......

Why do people who could possibly have an impact on the history of the people they loved take so long to say something? I could be wrong but I feel that if you have this sort of information and (say it's true) you wait over 30 years to say something so that you can cash in on some money... you are pathetic.

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  1. I never heard the full story of how Jimi died and was always curious. I do share you skepticism in wondering why someone would save a secret murder until they were able to release a book deal, bad taste does not really articulate it. I don't nee the answer and will probably never know it , still its really interesting.



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