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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Kind Of Man????

What kind of father is Joe Jackson? What kind of man is Joe Jackson?

Here is a person who has lost a child.... hasn't even buried him... and he's doing what?

This is some bull... I would think that if someone asked about any other projects I was doing and I am to be at that time in mourning.... my response would be "Now is not the time for that.. I'm grieving and when I heal you might hear about what is next for me." There would be no lack of responses about my lost one when questioned.... no riding off of someone dying... he's just as bad as some of these vultures that have been circling lately.

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  1. Joe Jackson is what he always has been a business man that was a sperm donor. Any and every oppurtunity to cash in on his children, grand-children and anyone else that lets him in will be used. I see him as the sneaky calculating ostrich. He's going to kiss up big time now. Michael rest now.Love & Respect



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