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Sunday, July 5, 2009

At Random -- Some Thoughts

Would 50 Cent be a good choice to play James Brown?

I use TweetDeck. There is an option to review people who TweetDeck recommend that I follow.... if I don't choose to follow someone the first one or two times I am recommended... why are they the same people every time I log on? Can't it see the people I talk to and recommend some other people? I don't WANT to FOLLOW Shaq!!!

I'm sick of people bashing Michael Jackson and calling him a pedophile... the poor man is dead. Also, Mr. Critic, were you in the room or anywhere near where this stuff could have happened? No, you say? OK then, SHUT UP!!!!

That's all for now.... HOPE YOU ALL HAVE HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!!


  1. I think 50 could possibly play a very good JB. He's a funny character himself, 50. And he's gotten okay with his acting. He would just need some real deal acting lessons on how to keep it serious with being JB and to not jokingly overact JBs meanness.

    And eff MJ critics, they've just spent too much of their lives listening to and believing the media hype machine.

  2. I agree whole-heartedly with the content of this blog. Enough is enough.



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