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Friday, August 21, 2009

Something For The Ears -- Suiyoubi

The other day I got a message from Suiyoubi (aka Martin Karlsson) to check out his music. I must say that I am a bit impressed. While listening to it you can feel that this is a person who loves his electronic music.

The first track I heard was called "Glitch My Insanity". This song borders on glitchy synth-pop. It isn't overly processed and it is a bit danceable.

Next came "Tefat". It has a catchy rhythm to it. While remaining on the border of synth-pop, it is the perfect track to follow "Glitch..."

"Sudden Change" sounds like something out a soundtrack for an 80's movie. It is definitely different from the first two tracks. Likable though nonetheless.

In yet another turn, the next track, "Last Sun", begins with a nice guitar intro mixed in with what sounds like an old martial arts movie. The sample tricks you into believing this is going to be a hard track but, this song is actually pretty relaxing. The melody is nice and the guitars are the perfect stand out. The drums add a nice texture. They remind me of the Luscious Jackson song "Naked Eye".

The next two tracks are titled "All We Were" and "When Children Never Grow Up". Both have catchy rhythms and an older school feel. The latter reminds me of Daft Punk and the way they melded the synths while "All We Were" reminds me of happy synth-pop from the retro rave scenes.

Well, enough of what I thought. Check it out yourself and decide.



"Suiyoubi" means Wednesday in Japanese

For more information on this artist please check out his pages:






Here's a little bonus from his YouTube page...

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