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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Around The Blogosphere.....

If you are like me you surf through the web a lot. You also stop at many blogs. With so many blogs and such little time to possibly hit all of your faves... so, I thought I would pick out some great posts of late on some of my favorite blogs to check out.

Unkut explores "The Importance of Being LL" - is he really always ignored when it comes to the history of hip-hop? (unkut)

bigMethod talks net neutrality.... (bigmethod)

Synthtopia demos the Bizzare Tonal Plexus Keyboard... (synthtopia)

At Love, Lust, and Life -a great post about a social network many love - "I'm In Love With Facebook."

And finally.... Oddee has posted ---- 15 Most Stupid Forehead Tattoos...


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