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Friday, October 23, 2009

A License To Sing At Work????

Imagine this: You are at work listening to the radio. Your boss gets notified that if you have a radio playing that it cannot be within earshot of the customers of the store. The boss takes away the radio. You are now working in silence. So you sing to yourself to make yourself happy. You get a notice that you cannot sing at work without a performance license. You are also informed that if you continue you will be fined a hefty amount.

The BBC recently posted the story of 56-year-old Sandra Burt, a shop assistant. Please click the link to read the story and let me know what you think. What if this was over here in America?

I’m glad they apologized but still…. it should have never been.

Apology for singing shop worker


  1. The whole thing is ridiculous. First of all how dare they. Second apologize forever. Are they mad? humming or singing or even a radio should be permited. Democracy is dying.We already lost our privacy. what next?

  2. That's just plain silly.
    I could see if she was really belting out an offensive voice with offensive lyrics, but c'monnnn.



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