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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Video: Breeze Brewin - P.P.T. (Pessimistic Personal Trainer)

Finally, a new single from the legendary, underground icon, Breeze Brewin (of Juggaknots fame).
Yet another conceptual track, which he just can't seem to go wrong with, ever.
This time the Brewin takes a stab at the "Beck - Loser" concept. Maybe even doing a little sampling or "interpolating" of said track and video. The maxi-single, "The Application", drops October 18th.

Check the video here-

If the you aren't familiar with prior Brewin efforts, let's take a quick look at a couple of other
great things he's done:

After being signed to a fruitless deal with Elektra from 1993 to around 1995, 96, The Juggaknots
(Breeze, his brother Buddy Slim, and sister Queen Heroine),bounced to Bobbito Garcia's Fondle 'Em Records.
On Fondle 'Em, they released the indisputably classic "Clear Blue Skies" EP.
The title cut was well recieved and remains one of the most original takes on racism ever.
Check it-

In 1998 or 99, I forget which, he collaborated with Prince Paul to drop arguably one of the greatest
concept albums in hip hop, "Prince Among Thieves".

I can't even begin to list the legendary names that worked on this album.
Check out the fake movie trailer they did for this-

Moving on along to 2001, again taking a look at not only racism, but also the annoyance of holiday
shopping for kids, The Juggaknots talk about the racial ideas behind the show "Dukes Of Hazard"
with "Generally".
Peep it-

Well, I could probably go on for another page or two about how great The Juggaknots are,
but I'll just leave you with this. Here's their video "Namesake" off of their 2006 album
"Use Your Confusion". This song basically tell's some of their story-

It was then re released in 2002 with 11 bonus cuts, mostly older demos that are pretty great.
Cop that here or wherever else you can find it.
Check them out on myspace here.

Support The Juggaknots.


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