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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Student Dies From Gum That Exploded

A 25-year-old chemistry student from, Ukraine's Kiev Polytechnic Institute, was killed in an incident while he was working from a computer at his parent's house in Konotop. He was chewing gum.

According to police, a loud pop sound was heard in the students' room and when relatives went to check on him and see what happened they found that the lower part of the his face had been blown off.

Forensics show in a report that the gum was covered in some unknown substance. It is thought that the substance was of explosive material. Investigators found that the student liked to dip his gum in citric acid and accidentally dipped it into a similar looking packet that was holding the explosive material. Both were on his desk.

Experts have been sent to Konotop to identify the substance as local police are fearing an explosion if it analyzed.



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