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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Consumed Links - June 3, 2010

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Yet another mix of things going on that you may or may not have heard about or seen.

"She Blinded Me With Science"
Thomas Dolby is set to release his first studio album in 20 years. (Mi2N)

Janet Jackson leaving the music industry behind? (zilla)  Now, I could be considered a sort of still fan... but is it wrong to say that I really won't miss her based on recent endeavors?

Mary J Blige is set to play Nina Simone in an upcoming movie.... (spinner)

Here's a great article discussing concept albums... (stuff)

And lastly for now....

From over at the T.R.O.Y. blog here is a well written piece on ghostwriting.... (T.R.O.Y.1)

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