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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Consumed Links - March 30, 20111

Just in case we missed anything last week, here is a round-up of things found around the web.

Sammy Hagar explains an alien abduction... (yahoo)

Over in Germany a protest group calling themselves, "Bust All Major Labels", is putting up a fight against rights holders blocking music videos on YouTube. (kerascene)

Did you know that AOL streams complete albums for new releases? (aol new music)

Well, we all know that MySpace is working its way toward a slow and painful death.... is it time for the artists to abandon ship? (side-line)

Universal Music has announced a new way to promote its new talent.. (musicindustryreport)

Over at Music Think Tank the challenges with subscription music is discussed. (mtt)

And finally, for now, A group of hackers have attacked the website for BMI. (rollingstone)

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