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Friday, April 8, 2011

Consumed Links - April 8, 2011

Here's our weekly round-up of things found around the web. 

'Bill and Ted 3' ??? -- Why? (huffpost)

Have any of you artists ever wondered how you can get your music on Pandora? (know)

So, a doctor, feeling a bit festive hires a stripper and now he stands accused of shooting at her. (eur)

What are your favorite opening lines from songs? Flavorwire shares their list. (fw)

Ever wonder why Megadeth does not perform "The Conjuring" anymore? (contact)

Bob Geldof has stated that the music industry will not survive the way it is. Rock 'n' Roll can save it. (rnd)

Autotune threatens the music industry? (dailybeacon)

BlueBeat will have to pay $950K for posting Beatles songs online. (musicindustryreport)

And finally, for now.....

An article over at the Wall Street Journal asks what the appropriate punishment for illegal downloading should be. (wsj)

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