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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Painstyle formed between 2005 and 2006 by Christian Heil. With his vision and catalog of song structures he set out to find the perfect formation of the band. In 2008, with this found formation,  the band put together a demo (Rough Demo 2008). Shortly thereafter the bands drummer had to leave and so began the quest for a new piece of the puzzle. The songs below are with the original drummer. With their new drummer they have gone on to create their first full album, the upcoming, In Black Despair. 

From their myspace page: 'Gravitation by sounds, malicious, gloomy, funereal, lugubrious and tormenting like grown out of the depths of Dantes Inferno. 
A pulsating and seething wall of sound, gnawing and pounding like a toothache. Merciless riff-attacks, winding like snakes and diving ever-recurring into new rhythmic universes to melt together with.
During the first bars you get the impression as if hell opened up in front of you and you're standing right within the apocalypse.
Painstyle is a progressive, neo-urban death metal nightmare on the other side of the pain barrier!!!'

Without further ado... 

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