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Monday, November 14, 2011

Nightwish - Storytime

"Storytime" is the first single off of Nightwish's forthcoming album Imaginaerum.  Imaginaerum is the seventh studio album from the Finnish "symphonic metal" band. Check out the video for the single after the track list. 

Imaginaerum track list:

01. Taikatalvi
02. Storytime
03. Ghost River
04. Slow, Love, Slow
05. I Want My Tears Back
06. Scaretale
07. Arabesque
08. Turn Loose The Mermaids
09. Rest Calm
10. The Crow, The Owl, And The Dove
11. Last Ride Of The Day
12. Song Of Myself
13. Imaginaerum

Nightwish - Storytime

Imaginaerum is set for release in Finland November 30, 2011. Europe has a December 2, 2011 release date and in the United States a release for January 10, 2012. 

For more on the band and the album please check out:
Nightwish Official Site

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Roadrunner Store

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