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Friday, December 2, 2011

Consumed Links - December 2, 2011

Here we go with this weeks' round-up of things found around the web. 

Drowning Pool has parted with Ryan McCombs and are now seeking a new singer. (metalunderground)

The family of Bob Marley are suing his brother for using his name and likeness to sell and promote a bunch of items. (tmz)

Tommy Lee is being sued by a former assistant for unpaid wages. (prefix)

A man is suing the city of Houston claiming that his civil rights were violated and that he is the victim of racial profiling. (drivingwhitewendyista)

Did Mario save the 3DS? (ign)

Ah yes, it is time for the end-of-the year lists to start cropping up.. here is PopMatters list of the Best Re-Issues. (PM)

While we are looking at lists... here is the top 15 Metal Albums this year as told by Axl Rosenberg. (metalsucks)

Oh, and I decided to finally go ahead and join Check out the latest articles. (consumeddaily)

And finally.... 

This is the cutest kitty pic this week (in my opinion).....  (lolcats)

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