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Monday, January 30, 2012

Consumed Links - January 30, 2011

Another busy week. Sorry there haven't been as many posts. Let's catch up on a few things, shall we?

As many of you know, the remake for the hit movie, The Crow, was in the works. Well, with a lawsuit out of the way and a new director named it looks like it could happen (as much as many of us think it shouldn't). -- IGN

Garbage is finishing up their fifth album and plan to release it themselves. (the comet)

So many of us grew up playing with Fisher-Price toys... but, who were they? (mental_floss)

Now, this is gross... did you hear about the cannibal in Connecticut? (eur)

Over at Pitchfork, Mark Hogan takes a further look at  SOPA and PIPA from the indie artist perspective. (sppitch)

Users of Megaupload appear to be planning to sue the FBI. (torrentfreak)

Continuing on with the Megaupload story, paidContent has an interesting article with a deeper look at the case.

And finally, for now....

Have you heard of the Lollipop Lady of Walthamstow? Well, you have now. (thisislondon)

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