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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Lacuna Coil Coming Soon

Goth metal band Lacuna Coil announced that their new album, "Dark Adrenaline," will be set for release  January 23rd. Check out the first two teaser trailers and the track-listing below.

Track-Listing for "Dark Adrenaline"

01 - Trip The Darkness
02 - Against You
03 - Kill The Light
04 - Give Me Something More
05 - Upsidedown
06 - End Of Time
07 - I Don't Believe In Tomorrow
08 - Intoxicated
09 - The Army Inside
10 - Losing My Religion
11 - Fire
12 - My Spirit

If you would like to check out the third teaser installment please go here.

There is a box set that will be issued for this release. There are only going to be 500 copies. You can pre-order it now. (Box)

You can also pre-order in other formats here. (CM)

For more on the band:

Official Site

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