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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Consumed Links - March 27, 2012

Things continue to be busy around here and look to be picking up even more. Let's see what may have been overlooked across the web.

The Temptations are the latest to file a class action suit against their label over royalties. (RS)

Looks like there will be A LOT more of Angry Birds coming our way. First a theme park in... (mashable)

Ubisoft is looking to provide more value for PC gamers and ditch DRM? (gamingbolt)

There is an interesting article over at IGN discussing when epic games become bloated. (ign)

Kevin Smith says he is bored with directing acting films. So, what would he rather do? (contactmusic)

Recently five 18th-Century bone telescopes were discovered in Amsterdam. (livescience)

Rats are invading the Florida Keys... nine-pound ones. (yahoo)

And finally... for now.... 

A company that produces the "pink slime" beef product has put some of the production on hold. (bbc)

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