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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fear Factory - The Industrialist

Fear Factory are set to release their eighth studio album, The Industrialist, on June 5th. The previous album, Mechanize was released in 2010 and if you haven't had chance, pick it up if you are an industrial fan. 

Last month, the band released a trailer for The Industrialist. Check it out after the track list below. The lead single, "Recharger", is available now on iTunes.  You can check out the teaser for the song --- here

The Industrialist Tracklisting:

01. The Industrialist
02. Recharger
03. New Messiah
04. God Eater
05. Depraved Mind Murder
06. Virus of Faith
07. Difference Engine
08. Dissemble
09. Religion is Flawed Because Man is Flawed
10. Human Augmentation
11. Blush Response (Difference Engine) *
12. Landfill *
* Available on deluxe digibook only

The Industrialist Trailer-

For more:
FF Official 

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