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Monday, December 10, 2012

Useless Facts of the Year -- Part One

Well, it is that time of year again when just about every blog, magazine, show, or what-have-you does a year review. To celebrate all that was accomplished as I look forward to things coming up for next year, let me begin with all of the interesting facts that some of us learned this year. These facts were originally posted from January-March. Enjoy!

-- Did you know that when a dik-dik , a dwarf antelope, is scared or disturbed it makes a whistling sound through its nose that sounds like "zik-zik"? Many believe this may be where this adorable animals' name is derived from.

-- Water bears, also known as tardigrades, live mainly in puddles and small freshwater pools. Did you know that if their habitat dries out that a water bear can hibernate for up to 25 years? 

-- The first remote control intended for the television was created in 1950 by Zenith Radio Corporation (now known as Zenith Electronics). The remote was called "The Lazy Bones" and was connected to the tv by a wire.

-- In 1933 Ruth Graves Wakefield from the Toll House Inn , located in Whitman, Massachusetts, was baking cookies. She decided to add a some cut up chunks of a Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate bar to her recipe. The cookies were a huge success and thus chocolate chip cookies were invented. 

-- Many of us know that a polar bear has white fur to help camouflage them while they are in the snow but did you know that they have black skin underneath? This helps them soak up the warmth from the rays of the sun.  

-- Did you know that the male platypus is venomous? They have sharp stingers on the heels of their rear feet and use them to deliver quite a blow to an enemy. 

-- Did you know that Mt. Fuji is not just one but three separate volcanoes layered on top of eachother?  The bottom layer is the Komitake volcano. The second is Kofugi volcano. Then there is the youngest of the three named Fuji. 

-- Did you know that when chased by a predator the patagonian cavy (also known as the mara) is said to run up to 35 mph, be able to jump nearly six feet high? They are also known to dig a burrow to hide. Check out the link to see some photos of this awesome animal. 


-- Did you know that the largest member of the dolphin family, the orca (killer whale), can eat up to 500 pounds (227 kilograms) a day?

-- Donkey vs. Horse

Did you know that a donkey is stronger than a horse? Donkeys are also more independent in their thinking. 

Part Two will continue next week. 

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