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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Postman Stole Your Undies?

In EXETER, England-- a 35-year-old postal worker in the British town of Weymouth was arrested allegedly wearing a woman's thong taken from a mail delivery.

After receiving complaints of missing packages the police began tracking Matthew Furness while he was on duty. The missing packages in question all contained female-oriented products. This led to the police to place a package containing female underwear in his delivery van. The police are alleging that the package disappeared within hours and the postal worker was questioned by investigators.

The Sun is reporting that after the man denied the allegations the police conducted a stip search and found Furness wearing the missing red thong from the package.

Later he pleaded guilty to two counts of theft and received a two-year conditional discharge and a fine, the newspaper said.

Note to not buy panties mail-order....don't know where they have been....

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