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Sunday, October 26, 2008

California Governor Vetoes 'Donda West Bill.'

I don't live in California....but I must wonder....what bills did get passed? What bills were a great priority to Arnold?

As far as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is concerned the "Donda West Bill" is not one of them. "This bill does not meet that standard, and I cannot sign it at this time," read the veto message, one of dozens Schwarzenegger sent.

The cosmetic-surgery bill, AB 2968,would have required people to undergo a physical examination, give a complete medical history and get a doctor's clearance before undergoing plastic surgery.
According to the LA Times the bill received nearly unanimous support in the legislature.

The bill was prompted by the November 2007 death of Kanye West's mother, Dr. Donda West, who died a day after undergoing a breast reduction and liposuction surgery.

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