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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just A Few Things That Heppened....

El DeBarge, the former lead singer of his family group DeBarge, is back in jail without bail due to two outstanding warrants at the time of his arrest earlier this month for possession of a controlled substance.

According to Variety, John Singleton is no longer going to direct the feature film adaptation of the 80s TV series "The A-Team" ( oh man....I was just waiting for that one!)

Sly Stallone says - "Rambo hopefully will be back. We've just got to give you guys a story that's worthwhile."

(I really wasn't waiting for A-Team and the thought of another Rambo frightens me.)

Remember the group 112? If anyone wondered what happened to them (probably not), the group broke up last year after members Michael Keith and Marvin "Slim" Scandrick fell out with another member of the band. In an interview Keith states "I had to leave because I found out that a certain member of the group took my publishing check," Keith told Lee Bailey of EUR. "It was made clear that it was intended for myself and another member, Slim."

He didn't name names but feels that the accused will probably release some sort of rebuttal....oh well...

IT GETS WORSE!!!!!!!!!

Diddy is reportedly planning to release an album filled entirely with songs enhanced by Auto-Tune. WAIT....THERE IS MORE!!!!!!!!
In fact, he might be collaborating with T-Pain to develop more unique ways to utilize the contraption. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!! (my ears hurt just thinking about it).

And that is just a few things that happened.

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