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Friday, November 7, 2008

Twelve Pigs In A Car.....

Budapest, Hungary - Two men stopped at a routine traffic check were caught with twelve pigs stuffed tightly in a car. The pigs weighed about 25-30 kg (55-66 lb) each.

Police say that the pigs came from a nearby farm, where 35 pigs have gone missing in recent days.

In other news.....

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It starts where Fairbanks police receive a report shortly after midnight that a Ford Escort had been taken from the parking lot of a gentlemen's club.

Two hours later an officer spots the missing car and pulls it over. Charles J. Schultz explained that he was driving his Chevy Cavalier and everything was fine. Mr. Schultz was then informed that it was a stolen vehicle.

Police stated the 27-year-old's blood-alcohol content was .166. The reading is more than twice the legal limit.

Schultz has been charged with auto theft, felony driving under the influence and misdemeanor drugs misconduct. He has maintained that he has no memory of taking the wrong car at the club.

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