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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tech News

In the ever-changing, forever reshaping musical world....and for those of us who love to use them....we got some goodies out there.

Image-Line has announced a new time manipulation tool named Gross Beat. Designed for repetition and scratching effects and currently running on Windows, this effect features MIDI controlled envelopes, 2 bar audio buffer, 36 volume/gating envelopes, linked or independent volume and gating slot operation, real time effect (for live performances), and ..... presets a plenty!
Check it out here: Gross Beat

eMedia Music Corp released EarMaster Pro 5 and EarMaster School 5 for Mac and Win users.
EarMaster Pro 5, for musicians and students, features 651 progressive ear training lessons.

EarMaster School 5, the academic, edition, offers extra features for music teachers and students.

Both programs offer 18 languages. There is a 21-day trial version and it can be checked out here:

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