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Thursday, February 19, 2009


DOOM (as he wants it - no longer MF) finally has a release date for the anticipated new album, BORN LIKE THIS. The title of the album (to be released by Lex Records on March 24) is inspired by poet Charles Butkowski's poem, "Dinosauria, We."

The first single titled, "Ballskin" (prod. by Jake One) has been on DOOM's myspace page for quite some time now and has at the time of writing this hit 154,327 plays.

Frequent collaborator, Ghostface Killah (appearing as Tony Starks) is featured on the track Angelz and Raekwon guests on Yessir. On the track titled "Cellz" DOOM samples a performance from Butkowski.

The J Dilla track "Lightworks" gets a vocal treatment. Also, rapper Kurious appears on either track "More Rhymin'" or on "Better Than Beer." (That depends on your source for tracklisting.)

It is said that along with this album DOOM is planning other releases for this year....

There has been a small conflict in the actual tracklisting. Here is the one that I think is most accurate:

01- Supervillain Intro

02- Gazillion Ear

03- Ballskin

04- Yessir ft Raekwon

05- Absolutely

06- Rap Ambush

07- Lightworks

08- Batty Boyz

09- Costume Foolery

10- Angelz ft Tony Starks

11- Cellz

12- Stil Dope

13- Better Than Beer ft Kurious

14- Microwave Mayo

15- More Rhymin'

16 - That's That

17- In Ya Dreams

18- Thank Ya

Note: there was one tracklisting I saw that mentioned 2 track names "Suppervillainz" and "Bump's Message." At this time I cannot confirm them...I plan to keep you posted.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for the infos. Can't wait for some new DOOM!



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