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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whistle To This....

51-year old Leopold Wrobel, of Wingerworth, England was sentenced recently to 20 weeks in prison for repeatedly whistling the theme song of "The Addams Family" TV show at his neighbors.

Mr. Wrobel was convicted of violating an antisocial behavior order directing him to cease whistling the tune at the neighbors. He was also found him guilty of two counts of harassment by Magistrates at the Chesterfield, England court.

One of his neighbors, Kathleen Sharpe, told the court that Mr. Wrobel was always waiting with his whistling whenever she left her house.

In court Wrobel said he only whistled at his dog. However, much to his demise, closed-circuit TV footage shown to the court shows him repeatedly whistling when the couple left or arrived home.

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