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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chris Cornell And Trent Reznor

"You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus." -- Trent Reznor (twitter)

Recently former Soundgarden/Audioslave singer Chris Cornell spoke to The Washington Post
where he spoke about his new album, Scream -"I think it's pretty obvious. I did the math as soon as I made the decision to make that record.", the critics, Trent Reznor,- .."That's kind of childish. To be honest, if I wanted to go out to blast records that I hate, I would be sitting on Twitter 24 hours a day blasting 96 percent of what comes out -- maybe 98 percent of what comes out. (Laughs.) There's a lot of music that I don't like.", working with Timbaland, and Soundgarden.

It is unclear to me when exactly this interview occurred. However it does seem that there was some bitterness in it.

I am all for artists to continue to recreate themselves. I was willing to give the album a listen and give a little review here on the blog. I couldn't. I could not sit through the album. It made me uncomfortable.

I will leave this to all of you to decide.

In what looks like the final say in this matter......

We will always have Trent's April Fool's Day joke.

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