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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Napster Lowers Prices

Online music service, Napster, is set to drop the price of its least-expensive subscription music plan from $12.95 down to $5.

This low-cost subscription plan will allow users access to unrestricted streaming of its 7 million-song catalog and a new offering of five DRM-free downloads per month.

This plan is currently restricted to U.S. subscribers at this time.

The premium subscription will still cost $14.95 for users who would like to take content with them on portable devices (The i-pod is still not included).

At this time it is unclear if those subscribers will have the same access to the low-cost subscribers with the five free downloads.


  1. Maybe they should have done this before free music started running rampant all over the net. Still a good move, I guess.

  2. You do have a point. I think that all of them are going to get like this.



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