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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something For Your Ears - Ya Za

Ilyasin Zarifa, aka "Ya Za", is an artist who grew up in Nashville, TN. She describes her sound as "well-rounded," with influences such as; Prince, Pat Benatar, Stevie Wonder, and Annie Lennox, as well as many others.

The track below, "Bipolar," is set to become a DJ favorite. It's (in my opinion) a fun track with a great danceable rhythm. The vocals are pretty clear and not overdone (or over-processed) like some of the usual dance music out there.  The album Bipolar In Stereo is available now. Hopefully,this will be an artist we will hear from for quite some time. 

Bipolar In StereoYa Za
"Bipolar" (mp3)
from "Bipolar In Stereo"
(Per Capita Records)

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