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Monday, March 15, 2010

Something For Your Ears - Latent Anxiety

Latent Anxiety is the brainchild of Ilja Rosendahl. The music cannot be classified as one genre as it fuses many forms of rock and electronic. 

From his Vimeo page, "He brilliantly creates a refreshing blend of diverse dark wave, industrial and gothic themes with tasteful infusions of rock, pop and dance music featuring mind boggling vocals, grinding intelligent guitars and melodic synths in a multidimensional sound that he calls Electronic Alternative Rock (EAR). Latent Anxiety does not get caught up in one particular musical style or genre, but truly defines its own boundaries while presenting substantial crossover ability and something for every listener." 

 I like this video. It reminds me of a much updated Police 'Every Breath You Take.' I could be wrong. Check it out for yourself. For more from the artist please check the links after the video. 

Love Delirium from Latent Anxiety on Vimeo.

Want more? Check out Latent Anxiety here:


Official Site


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