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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From Around The Web -- Consumed Links

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Here is another run-down of a few things I have come across around the web.

XLR8R - Check out this excellent remix of Magick Mountain "One For My Ego" by Holy Other.

Reuters - Yahoo! is set to lay off more than 600 staffers. 

Wired - The US Supreme Court has ruled against Costco and the 'First Sale' Copryright Doctrine.

Oddee --- Check out some of the best misspelled billboards. 

ars - A review of Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary. Did they really miss out on a bigger opportunity?

Asylum - Ever see a Bison in a car?

Techdirt - A Cypress Hill back-up singer is suing Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive for allegedly modeling a character in a game after him and never paying. 

And finally, for now....

Fact - DJ Premier is said to be putting together a new Gang Starr album as well as a dvd. 

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