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Friday, October 28, 2011

Consumed Links - October 28, 2011

Let's get to this shall we?

A former judge who was convicted of exposing himself and using an enhancement device will not be able to receive most of his pension. (HuffPost)

People can be so interesting... and just strange... check out these haircuts. (Oddee)

Former bassist for Ministry, Paul Barker, discusses how tough it was to watch the new documentary about the band. (RS)

What happens when goths grow up? (guardian)

Over at Asylum they share the top 10 dangerous, gross, weird delicacies in the world. (Asylum)

The name Danzig... sometimes it is revered... and most of the time ridiculed. MetalSucks has started to plead his case in a four-part set... DEFENDING DANZIG -- this is the link to day one.

Queen have announced they plan to put out a new album featuring demos with the late Freddie Mercury. (unkut)

And finally... for now...

NoiseCreep spoke to Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton about the legacy of Judas Priest, the "Farewell" tour, and more. (NC)

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