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Friday, October 7, 2011

Consumed Links - October 7, 2011

Here we go with the almost weekly round-up of things that may have been missed around the web. 

Let's start with this steamy couple. Apparently this "Chick" (age 71) and her drinking buddy (age 54) felt it was a good idea to hook-up in the back of the car where just about everyone who was hungry got a glimpse of the action. (smokinggun)

Recently there was an art show featuring the (maybe or maybe not) artwork of Fab 5 Freddy. Well, according to this article over at Revok1, Freddy should get ready to pay someone. (revok1)  -- What do you think?

There has been a significant amount of talk about indie labels and Spotify. At hypebot, Jay Frank, makes a pretty good argument of why some artists are just not getting paid what they expected. (hypebot)

Although I never heard of many of these, here are some stories about some famous elephants and their deaths. (listverse)  WARNING: Some of this stuff is animal cruelty at its ugliest and there are photos. 

This is relatively old but, if anyone ever cared to listen to David Lee Roth singing acapella..... (WFMU)

How has SoundCloud revolutionized the music industry? Here's how...(fotorater)

And finally, for now.... 

At Billboard --- Why 2011 is the year that digital music broke. (billboard)

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