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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Consumed Links -

Let the round-up begin.... 

Well, it was bound to happen. There is a movie featuring Bin Laden as a zombie. (msn)

Celebrating Axl Rose turning 50, Rolling Stone posted an interview from 1992. (axlrollingstone)

Ever wonder what Disneyland was like two years after it opened? (mental_floss)

Who saw the video of the recent Iceland "river monster"?  Well.... (msn)

The FCC Reform Bill gets approval from NAB and others. (radio)

The Rock Hall of Fame has decided to include some great backing groups this time around. (billboard)

Reuters is reporting that the Justice Dept are seeking to bolster their IP enforcement team. (reuters)

And finally.... for now... 

How much would someone pay for the hearse that carried JFK's body? (USAtoday)

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